Job hunting event for university students Strengthening measures to prevent spread of infection February 26, 18:49

As the spread of the new coronavirus spreads, at job hunting events for college students who will graduate next spring, we are strengthening measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as installing thermography to check the temperature of visitors.

The event, which was held in Saitama City, was opened by a job information company, Disco, for college students who graduate next spring, and about 40 companies participated.

More than 480 students visited on the 26th, but in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the organizers prepared masks and disinfectants, installed thermography at the entrance, and set the temperature of each student individually. Take steps to confirm.

The students wore masks and visited the booths of each company, and received explanations about the work and working style from the company representative.

Job hunting activities for university students who graduate next spring will start full-scale from next month, but recruiting careers and Mynavi, major employment information companies, have canceled joint company briefings one after another.

The company that hosted the event decided to take measures to prevent the spread of the infection and minimize the impact on students, and then decided to hold the event as scheduled.

The company is planning to hold events scheduled in Saitama City and Fukuoka City on the 27th as planned, but will cancel joint company briefings from the 1st to the 15th of next month.

The attendee said, “The briefing we had planned to attend was canceled, and we had fewer opportunities to hear directly from the company. I want to gather information. "