Sony also launches 5G compatible smartphones From this spring on February 25 at 15:22

Sony has announced that it will launch next-generation smartphones that support the next-generation 5G communication standard after this spring, and competition between domestic and overseas manufacturers is likely to intensify.

Sony has announced that it will launch 5G-compatible smartphones this spring and around the world, including Japan.

The new smartphone features a 6.5-inch organic EL display that supports high-definition 4K image quality, and is equipped with a camera capable of high-speed continuous shooting at 20 frames per second. The price is 100,000 yen. It is expected to exceed.

In Japan, three major mobile companies are planning to launch services this spring, and Sharp has already decided to launch a 5G smartphone, but Samsung Electronics in South Korea and Huawei in China are leading the way in development. The competition between domestic and foreign manufacturers is likely to be fierce.

About this smartphone Sony planned to announce at the world's largest mobile related exhibition scheduled to be held in Spain, but since the exhibition was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus, video distribution via the Internet Switched to and announced.