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More than 900 million homes nationwide, special envoy of the Ministry of Land


Today, the government's high-intensity crackdowns and investigations on various kinds of illegal acts such as illegal donation, illegal loans, and mortgage settlement in the housing transaction process begin. A dedicated research team from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport conducts direct surveys on transactions of high-priced homes worth more than 900 million won nationwide, as well as planning research on new regulated areas and price soaring complexes.

Starting today (21st), the government will begin to crack down on the high-intensity and investigation of various kinds of illegal acts, including illegal donations, illegal loans, unlawful loans, and mortgages.

A dedicated research team from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport conducts direct surveys on transactions of high-priced homes worth more than 900 million won nationwide, as well as planning research on new regulated areas and price soaring complexes.

The Ministry of Land and Home Affairs said it will establish a 'Real Estate Market Counterfeit Response Team', which is dedicated to investigating illegal activities in the real estate market, by tomorrow (21st) and begin to eradicate illegal market activities.

The Korea Appraisal Board is establishing a support system by establishing a 'real business permanent research team' and 'real estate transaction order disturbance reporting center'.

The government's investigative team has been prepared to carry out the Act on Real Estate Transactions, which allows the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport to investigate its authority, and the Act on Certified Brokers, which stipulates the settlement of real estate homes.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Welfare will hold an inauguration ceremony for the real estate market tort counterfeit, directly under the first loan, and begin investigation and investigation.

The response group is headed by the Land Policy Officer and consists of 13 employees.

The class members were filled with seven members of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport special judicial police, and staff from the prosecution, the police, the IRS, the Financial Services Commission, the Financial Supervisory Service, and the Assessment Board.

They conduct real estate transaction and financing plans analysis, investigation into real estate market crimes, and collect and analyze information on illegal activities related to real estate.

In principle, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport's task was to conduct an investigation into the expensive housing transactions worth more than 900 million won nationwide.

This time, we will also conduct planning research on newly regulated areas such as Suwon, Anyang, and Uiwang, as well as complexes that are suspected of illegal activities such as price spikes and housing price fixing.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is planning to cooperate with over 200 special envoys in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do to conduct an omni-directional survey on the metropolitan market.

The balloon effect of 12/16 measures such as water solubility (Suwon, Yongin, and Seongnam) as well as Seoul's Nodo River (Nowon, Dobong, and Gangbuk) is expected to begin an intensive investigation into the disturbance of the real estate market order in the area where house prices are high.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Welfare will expand the high-intensity, real-world trading investigation area from Seoul to the entire dumping district from tomorrow.

In addition to 25 districts in Seoul, there are 31 speculative districts including Gwacheon-si, Gwangmyeong-si, Hanam-si, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Suseong-gu, Daegu-si, and Sejong-si.

The actual transaction investigation, which takes more than two months, will be carried out more densely and reduced to one month.

As of March, the real estate transaction law will be revised and the housing purchase funding plan will be extended from the current speculative district (over 300 million won) to nationwide.

The Enforcement Decree of the Real Estate Transactions Act, as amended, requires a funding plan to be submitted for transactions of more than 300 million won in areas subject to adjustment or more than 600 million won in non-regulated areas.

If you sell more than KRW 900 million in the Overheated District, buyers must also submit relevant supporting documents to verify the details of the funding plan.

The response team analyzes the transaction price, transaction pattern, and transaction method by region in order to detect illegal activities and upgrades the criteria for extracting abnormal transactions to be customized locally.

In addition, from tomorrow onwards, the settlement of house prices by residents and authorized brokers is illegal under the Act of Certified Brokers, which results in up to three years in prison and a fine of up to 30 million won.

Acts only affecting prices or restricting or inducing referrals to certain authorized brokers are prohibited.

Residents are encouraged not to sell their homes under certain prices, such as `` we do not sell for less than OO won '' through notices and online communities.

The response team will initiate investigations by reporting and monitoring report centers and conduct on-site inspections for collecting evidence on housing price collusion and illegal brokerage on SNS and YouTube.

Starting tomorrow, the transaction reporting deadline will be shortened from the previous 60 days to 30 days when the real estate transaction contract is concluded.

As a result, you must report the actual transaction to the competent city, county, and ward office within 30 days from the contract tomorrow.

If a contract is revoked, invalidated or canceled after a real estate transaction report, the report is obligatory.

"The effective market crackdown is now possible to create a sound real estate market on the 21st," said Kim Young-han, the chief of staff. "We plan to carry out criminal investigations such as collusion strongly in all directions."

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