More and more people are changing their minds about going on a trip to the new corona virus. As a result, flight tickets from Seoul to Jeju have dropped to 3,000 won, which is cheaper than the basic taxi fare. The government has decided to provide emergency assistance to the aviation industry.

This is a reporter Han Se-hyun.


Searched flights from Seoul to Jeju on T'way Airways homepage.

Tickets are cheaper than the Seoul taxi fare.

The fuel surcharge, airport fee, etc. add up to KRW 13,000.

The situation is similar for other low-cost airlines.

As new corona fears spread and freezing travel, airlines have come out of price destruction, although some seats are less popular.

[Low-cost airline official: because the whole industry is in a difficult situation, the psychology to travel is also shrinking. .]

The number of flights to China, a new corona-prone area, has plummeted by nearly 70% in less than a month.

The total ticket refund amounted to nearly 200 billion won in two weeks.

Last year, Japan's travel boycotted the country due to the boycott, followed by demand from domestic airlines such as China, Southeast Asia, and Jeju.

[Kim Hyun-mi / Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: We will actively consider various measures such as deferment and reduction of airport facility usage fee, such as landing fee, and suspension of airline penalty payment.]

We also decided to support alternative routes and irregular flights outside of China.

[Huh Hee-young / Hankuk Aviation University, Professor of Business Administration] That's technical regulation. Do you have the requirements to fly safely, and see hundreds of them?]

The government has also suspended a period of time to reclaim some of the unused tickets and the number of flight hours per hour.

(Video coverage: Park Hyun-chul, Hong Jong-soo, Video editing: Park Athlete)