Japan Post Insurance: Early Recovery of Trust, Japan Post Holdings Hiroya Masuda Feb. 11, 7:25

In an interview with the press, Hiroya Masuda, President of Japan Post, stated his intention to work hard to restore the trust lost to Japan Post Insurance. The company also said that there was no plan to improve efficiency, such as by consolidating post offices to improve profitability.

Hiroya Masuda, president of Japan Post last month, responded to an interview with the media on October 10.

In this report, he said that he would conduct a detailed investigation targeting 60,000 people on the issue of inappropriate sales of insurance of Japan Post Insurance. It is necessary to eliminate economic losses. I would like to restore trust as soon as possible by carefully implementing each of these initiatives, "he emphasized.

On the other hand, Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance currently support the postal business, which has a severe earnings environment, with regard to the current group structure, which states, "It is irreversible that fee income from two financial companies is a major pillar supporting mail, but we will diversify. Japan Post wants to further expand its real estate business and to develop strategies such as corporate acquisitions. "

In addition, while asked whether to consider consolidation of post offices in order to improve profitability, which is indispensable for promoting privatization, President Masuda said, "What to do with stores due to population decline is an issue. It is possible, but we do not think at the moment, we will review the contents based on the current network. "

Then, `` Thinking about what kind of service you expect from the post office from the viewpoint of local residents, for example, if you have a problem that you are having trouble with everyday shopping, you will partner with somewhere to sell goods at the post office It is also possible ", he said, considering the use of post offices as the population declines.

The challenge for the new Masuda system is

President Hiroya Masuda, head of the Japan Post Group, faces a number of challenges, including responding to the issue of inappropriate sales of Japan Post Insurance.

The biggest challenge is to get the full picture of improper sales quickly and make every effort to deal with customers.

Last month, the Japan Post Group announced a policy to conduct an additional detailed survey of about 60,000 people and about 220,000 cases.

Until now, we have examined in detail 183,000 cases where customers may have been disadvantaged when switching from old contracts to new contracts, but one contractor has many contracts And so on.

The Special Investigation Committee, which has been investigating this issue, has scrutinized the company's constitution and governance issues, saying that there was a trend that inappropriate sales were justified in order to achieve business goals. It has been pointed out that it is necessary to steadily implement measures to prevent recurrence and drastically change the corporate culture.

The Japan Post Group has a structure in which the Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance's two financial companies support the postal business, which has a severe business environment, but the situation surrounding the two financial companies due to historically low interest rates is becoming increasingly severe. A major issue is how to increase profitability over the medium to long term and promote the postal privatization process.