Economic Impact May Be Greater than SARS BOJ Kuroda Governor February 4, 17:41

Regarding the spread of the new coronavirus, the Bank of Japan's Governor Kuroda, at the lower house budget committee, pointed out that the economic impact could be greater than at the time of the spread of SARS in 2003, and He stated that he would pay maximum attention to financial market trends.

The Bank of Japan's Governor Kuroda commented on the spread of the new coronavirus, saying, `` In addition to restraining economic activity in China, the supply chain in the manufacturing industry and the decline in Chinese tourists alone have led to an increase in Japan alone. There is concern over the impact on the global economy as a whole, unlike in the case of SARS, where the presence of the Chinese economy is very large and the supply chain is expanding globally, which could have a greater impact. You also need to be aware of it. "

"I would like to pay the utmost attention to the impact on Japan's economy and prices and the future of financial markets. We will also exchange opinions at international conferences such as the G20 and make sure that necessary measures can be taken when necessary. I want to respond to that. "

On the other hand, Governor Kuroda asked about the necessity of additional monetary easing, saying, `` I have stated that it would be easy to add monetary easing if necessary. Or maybe it's a bit premature to say anything about its contents. "