The Ministry of Economy announced the launch of three summons campaigns that include 704 cars from the brands: German "Volkswagen", "American" "Ford" and "Japanese" Mazda ", in order to fix manufacturing defects.

The ministry stated in a report issued yesterday that the first recall campaign includes 543 Volkswagen cars: the Tiguan, Passat and CC, which were manufactured in 2016, including 365 cars in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. And Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah, and 178 cars in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, in cooperation with the “Al Naboodah Motors Company” and “Ali and Sons Company” are the exclusive agents of Volkswagen in the country.

The ministry explained that the "Volkswagen Group" concluded that the capacitor may be malfunctioned within a few cars produced, as a result of insufficient heat treatment within the pillow control unit, which may lead to a change in the signal of one of the sensors.

"The controller may detect the change in the sensor signal, and the airbag system stops operating, and the wrong airbag or belt tensioners or both may occur incorrectly," she added.
The ministry confirmed that "Al Naboodah Motors" and "Ali and Sons" will communicate with the owners of cars to coordinate the examination dates, provided that the checks and repairs will be free.

The Ministry of Economy pointed out that the second call-up campaign for safety reasons includes 99 "Ford EcoSport" cars of the 2017 model manufactured in India, in cooperation with the "Al Tayer Motors" company, the local importer, and "Premier Motors" the official dealer in Abu Dhabi.

She explained that during the summons, the lower front control arm will be examined and replaced if necessary, because it may contain "welds" that do not meet specifications, and the disintegration of these welds may lead to a collision of the front wheel group with the inner cover, or the wheel fenders, which may lead to braking The front wheel, which affects the control of the steering system, and causes a loss of driving force in the event that the “drive shaft” is separated from the transmission.

According to the ministry, the third recall campaign includes 62 "Mazda CX9" cars manufactured between September and December 2017, in cooperation with the "Galadari Automobile Company Limited", the exclusive agent for the "Mazda" car.

The Ministry of Economy attributed the call to the possibility of malfunctions in the front airbag system for passengers, turn signals or the engine operating system, or all of them, in addition to a set of false warnings in the affected vehicles, as a result of poor strength retaining the wiring connections, which leads to disconnection of communication The electrician between the different control units in the car was affected by an electrical defect.

The Ministry confirmed that no accidents or injuries have been reported so far as a result of this imbalance, indicating that all repairs related to this campaign will be completed free of charge to consumers.