Analysts looked at Apple with concern about their dependence on the iPhone. The matter seems resolved: the company led by Tim Cook has found a remedy for laziness of its sales and is none other than ... the iPhone itself. Cupertino's technology company has released the best results in its history, corresponding to the last quarter of last year, with record revenues and profits, data that have boosted the capitalization on the stock market up to 1.29 million euros.

Apple competes against its own registers, but especially with the rest of the manufacturers, such as the Asian brands Samsung and Huawei, which had managed to outdo the American company in units shipped within the large smartphone market. The latest data shows a change in trend : Apple exceeds 78.4 million terminals sold, by 70.8 million from South Korean Samsung and 56 from the Chinese firm Huawei, according to data from independent consultancy Canalys.

In this way, the apple company would improve its figures by 9%, while Samsung remains stable (earns 1%) and Huawei is off the hook (losing 7%). The latter company suffers a veto in the US, where the Donald Trump Administration accuses it of espionage at the service of the Government of China and has placed it on a blacklist of companies called Entity List . On the contrary, two other Chinese companies underpin their progress: Xiaomi improves by 23% and Xiaomi by 2%. Both would cover 33 and 30.3 million phones sold in the quarter, respectively.

The frustrated duel between Samsung and Huawei

"The year 2018 showed how Huawei took a good part of Samsung's market share, and 2019 was called to be the year in which Huawei rivaled Samsung for first place. Samsung knew it and was prepared to go with everything to that war: it increased its portfolio and cut its operating margin, but the battle never took place, because the inclusion of Huawei in the United States Entity List in May has suffocated it internationally, "says Mo Jia, one of the analysts at the consultancy Canalys .

The end of the year is from Apple

This unofficial data corroborates and accentuates a habitual phenomenon year after year: a striking boost from Apple during the fourth quarter, in which they are celebrated for Single Day, popular in China; Thanksgiving, especially relevant to the US; and, of course, Christmas.

<HIT> Tim </HIT> <HIT> Cook </HIT>, CEO of Apple, at the presentation of the iPhone 11, last September in Cupertino (USA) .REUTERS

At this time, Apple has had products such as AirPods , a new credit card along with Goldman Sachs and the new streaming platform, Apple TV . However, the iPhone has been decisive in leading the company to a clear improvement in the economic results and expectations of Wall Street.

The company no longer reveals the sales of its telephone units, but the value of them: in the fourth quarter of the year, they have risen 8% to reach 50.7 billion euros.

Tim Cook himself has celebrated "the strong demand" of the iPhone11 and the iPhone 11 Pro and "an absolute record in services and wearables ."

Just a year ago, Tim Cook warned that his data for 2019 would be below forecasts, mainly because of the slowdown in Chinese consumption. A year later, the company has doubled its value in the stock market. The apple has recovered luster.

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