Asian stocks fall 19:28 on January 28 due to concerns over the impact of the new coronavirus

On the Asian stock market on the 28th, concerns over the possible effects of the spread of the new coronavirus on the economies of various countries led to the spread of sell orders, and stock prices dropped in many markets such as South Korea and Singapore.

The closing prices of representative stock indices in various parts of Asia have fallen about 3 percentage points in Korea, about 1.8% in Singapore and about 1.5% in the Philippines compared to the previous trading day.

Oceania also closed today in Australia with a 1.3% drop.

Market officials said, "The spread of the new coronavirus has raised concerns among investors about the impact on economies around the world, especially as the spread of the epidemic coincides with the Lunar New Year holiday. As a result, in countries where tourism is heavily dependent on Chinese tourists, there is growing concern about a decline in tourists. "