Free trade agreement with UK possible after EU withdrawal by year US Treasury Secretary Jan 26 9:20

As the deadline for Britain's exit from the EU approaches near the end of this month, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said, "The US is ready to spend more time and resources on negotiations with the UK." He stated that it was possible to sign a trade agreement.

The UK is expected to withdraw from the EU at the end of this month, after which it has been set up to avoid drastic changes and will enter a "transition period" by the end of December with the aim of concluding free trade agreements with countries It has become.

U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin, speaking in London on Wednesday, said on Tuesday that he had met with British finance minister Javid, "President Trump said to the United States that Britain would negotiate trade negotiations after leaving the EU. "I'm optimistic that President Trump and British Prime Minister Johnson are very close to each other."

He said that the United States is ready to dedicate much time and resources to negotiations with the United Kingdom, and that the United States and the United Kingdom could enter into a free trade agreement later this year.

In many cases, it is extremely difficult to conclude a trade negotiation with each country in less than one year, and it will be interesting to see what kind of negotiations the United States, which has a country-first principle, will develop.