A report of the registration and commercial licensing sector in the Dubai Economy revealed that the total number of effective restaurants and cafes in the Emirate of Dubai during 2019 reached 975 restaurants and cafes, with 575 restaurants and 400 cafes, indicating that the growth in licenses of restaurants and cafes reflects Dubai's distinctiveness in advanced infrastructure, An ideal environment for doing various business activities.

The report showed that the 10 nationalities that issued licenses for restaurants and cafes in Dubai during 2019 included: India, Pakistan, Britain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, America, and Saudi Arabia. The number of investors in this sector reached 6703 investors, including 6128 businessmen and 575 businesswomen.

Sector growth

The restaurants and cafes sector has grown significantly in Dubai, and there are many of them spread in the emirate in different regions. The well-known restaurants and cafes operating in the Emirate of Dubai are among the places that attract Dubai residents, residents and visitors.

Dubai embraces more than 200 nationalities, live and work, and is one of the first travel destinations in the world. The restaurants and cafes sector is the fastest growing in the region, especially in Dubai, in light of the population increase and strong tourism growth, the steady increase in the numbers of visitors from all over the world, and the continuous development of tourism and service facilities in the emirate, along with the modern lifestyle that supports the demand for restaurants and cafes Of all kinds.

Major areas

The report highlighted the distribution of restaurants and cafes among the main areas in Dubai, where the Burdabi area acquired the largest share with a total of 618 licenses, and then Deira with a total of 347 licenses and even (10 licenses), while the distribution of restaurants and cafes came according to the top 10 regions A subsidiary that makes up 93% of the total in the Emirate of Dubai, as follows: Burj Khalifa, Al Murar, Al Barsha 1, Jumeirah 1, Al Karamah, Al Garhoud, Hor Al Anz, Al Muraqqabat, Jumeirah 3, Trade Center 1.

Number of employment

The report pointed out that the total number of employment in restaurants and cafes in Dubai has reached 4,060 workers, as the global restaurant chains and cafes and their local counterparts provide a variety of unique concepts and experiences, and the increase in the numbers of restaurants and cafes means that the market is still able to absorb more, and the competition ceiling increases The positivity that benefits the audience.

The report pointed out that Dubai is a dynamic market for the food and beverage sector, and it has a distinguished reputation in this area at the region level, within the framework of the high status enjoyed by the emirate and a tourist destination of the first class, with its various attractions, which enhances opportunities such as this. The service outlets help them achieve profit levels that may exceed what other branches in the various regions of the world earn, which confirms the added value guaranteed by Dubai to investors while giving their businesses unlimited space for prosperity and growth.

India, Pakistan and Britain top the list of invested nationalities.


Factor, the total number of employment in restaurants and cafes in Dubai