“There is no sensationalism in this statement. Kristalina Georgieva repeatedly spoke about this last year. Despite the fact that at the end of the year the world economy had a little respite and retreated from the final of the current economic cycle, this does not cancel the global recession, it just postpones its onset, ”the expert believes.

According to Maslennikov, despite the significant dynamics of financial markets, "there are always a huge number of risks."

“We must pay attention to such risks, because if you do not manage them, you can play through to a very quick slide in the modern economic world. As for the comparison with the Great Depression, this is more a metaphor that says that there were a lot of mistakes. But such warnings are very important and relevant, ”he concluded.

The IMF's managing director said earlier that the world could face a new Great Depression, similar to the one the US faced in the 1930s.

She noted that over the past 20 years, the income gap between countries has narrowed, while inequality between population groups has also grown.