India, through its pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai under the title "The Future in India", is reviewing the technological progress that it has reached and displaying its space program, which reflects the strength of its human resources, in addition to its culture and heritage.

Through its participation in the exhibition, India seeks to introduce visitors to the dynamics of its construction, diversity and opportunities that it can present to the world.

The most important partners

The UAE is one of India's most important trading partners, ranking third after China and the United States of America, while the value of trade exchange between India and the UAE is expected to reach $ 100 billion (about 367 billion dirhams) this year.

India had recently announced that it would participate in the "Expo 2020 Dubai" through a large pavilion entitled "The Future in India", where it would review the country's culture and heritage, as well as review the technological progress it has reached and display its space program, reflecting the strength of its human resources and the inspirations of its youth .

Variety and opportunities

Through its participation in the "Expo 2020", India seeks to acquaint visitors with the exhibition with the dynamics of building India, its diversity and the opportunities it can present to the world.

India aims to attract a large number of visitors to "Expo 2020" to its pavilion, especially innovators and talented, traders, businessmen and young entrepreneurs, intellectuals, tourists and workers in the field of high technology.

Direct investments

According to government data, the value of Emirati direct investments in India is currently eight billion dollars (about 29.3 billion dirhams), which makes the UAE ranked 10th among the largest investors in India in terms of foreign direct investment.

Most of the Emirati investments in India are concentrated in the services, energy, construction, air transport, hospitality and hospitality sectors, while the volume of Indian foreign direct investment in the UAE is more than 6.5 billion dollars (about 23.8 billion dirhams).

Exports and imports

According to data from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, India imports from the UAE an estimated 14.5 billion dollars (about 53.2 billion dirhams), while it exports to the UAE an estimated 20.1 billion dollars (about 73.7 billion dirhams).

The data showed that the list of imports to India from countries of the world includes industrial products, machinery, chemical materials and food products, as the main exports list includes mineral products, sports machines, industrial products, chemicals and commodities.

According to the Chamber’s data, the total foreign joint investment to India is about $ 40 billion, and the tourism sector represents a major tributary of the Indian economy, as the total tourism spending in India during the year 2018 reached about $ 250 billion.

Great request

In addition, a report by the Dubai Chamber stated that the strengths of the Indian economy lie in the great demand that can lead the efforts of economic growth in the country, as well as the availability of skilled labor as half of the population of India is less than 25 years old, He pointed to government plans to simplify investment procedures, and help foreign businessmen start their businesses and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Indian subcontinent.

Old relations

The UAE and India have long-standing ties that established continuous visits between the two parties, trade, political and cultural cooperation, and resulted in a growing volume of investments between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations, and the visit of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan to India in 1975.

Two main components

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry data showed that India's GDP amounted to 2.7 trillion dollars in 2018, while the inflation rate was about 3.5%.

The data indicated that agriculture and industry are considered the main components of the Indian economy, as agriculture represents about 17% of the Indian economy, followed by industry with 16%, then trade with 11.6%, then the transport and communications sector with 11.2%, and after construction and construction by 7.2% .

She stated that India is ranked 77th in the World Bank's start-up index, while India's exports to the world are worth $ 323 billion, while its imports amount to $ 507.5 billion.

India aims to introduce visitors to the dynamics of its construction and diversity and the opportunities it presents to the world.

- 367 billion dirhams h of trade expected between the UAE and India this year.