Vice President of Digital Strategy for Mitsubishi UFJ Kamezawa is promoted to President.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group has decided to promote Hiroki Kamezawa, who is in charge of digital strategy, and to promote him to President in April.

The Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is also the top management of the two organizations, with President Kansuke Mike concurrently serving as President of Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ.

According to the people concerned, President Mike retired in April and devoted himself to the role of head of bank, and strengthened the personnel affairs to promote Group Vice President Hironori Kamezawa to the succeeding president. The decision is expected to be formally made following the recommendations of the upcoming Group Nomination and Governance Committee.

Vice President Kamezawa plays a central role in digital strategy at the Group and its affiliated banks.

In the financial industry, while the profit environment is deteriorating at low interest rates, IT companies are entering the payment business one after another and competition is fierce, increasing the importance of digital strategies.

It seems that Mitsubishi UFJ aims to accelerate the response by promoting Vice President Kamezawa, who is familiar with digital strategy, to President.