The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority called on all individuals and institutions in the country to download the latest update issued by Microsoft to the Windows operating system, in order to avoid exploiting vulnerabilities in their devices.
In a warning issued through its pages on social media, the authority stated that the update issued by "Microsoft" aims to close a group of high-risk vulnerabilities that include copies of "Windows" for users and servers alike on mobile phones and computers.
The «Telecommunications Regulation» stressed that the failure to conduct this update opens the door to the possibility of penetration of the devices of users, whether individuals or institutions, and the identification of data recorded on them, which raises fears of falling victim to scams and the seizure of personal and work data.
She pointed out that failure to maintain the confidentiality of information and messages increases the possibility of subscriber's phones and computers being subjected to piracy operations with the aim of espionage and the possibility of electronic penetration of accounts on smartphones and tablets, which exposes the account holder to steal personal or business data, whether data, information, pictures or videos loaded on devices That are hacked.
The Commission again called for not to share personal data except after verifying the identity of the people with whom the data is shared, in order to avoid falling into the trap of fraud, fraud, or the use of data for illegal purposes.
She also demanded that the anonymous links should not be pressed except after verifying them and not sharing passwords with anyone and when doing so they should be changed as soon as possible.