The State Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the state has warned users of the social networking site "Twitter" of five cases that reveal that their account has been compromised.

And the organization of communications in an awareness bulletin on social media called for the need to be vigilant and vigilant against the breaches of users ’personal accounts.

She explained that these five suspected cases raise a deep suspicion about the user's Twitter hack:

If you notice tweets or messages directly from your account you did not write them.

If you receive an email from Twitter, it alerts you that there is an abnormal traffic on your account.

If you received an email from Twitter that your password has been changed.

If you cannot log into the account with a correct password.

If you received an email from Twitter, it informs you of an account access to a new device and you did not.

The authority advised to activate "password recovery protection" by applying the application by entering "settings" then "account" then "security" and then activating the feature.

It also advised the organization of communications users to review the list of account managers if there is another person who manages your accounts on social media and reduce the number of managers to the maximum number possible and the need to inform them also to take care and caution.

The Authority again demanded that you use a complex password for your account and not to use the same password again on any other website or service of your own on the Internet.