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The black boxes were found at the crash site but they are damaged. Reuters

The investigation into the accident of Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 is launched. The aircraft crashed on Wednesday January 8 in Tehran and the 176 passengers and crew members were all killed. According to the first elements of the Iranian investigation, the plane quickly turned around on takeoff after a " problem ". In an attempt to find out more about the circumstances of the tragedy, Ukrainian investigators arrived on the scene.

Forty-five Ukrainian experts arrived in Tehran before dawn. According to the head of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, they are in the process of settling the details of their trip to the disaster site with the Iranian authorities. These investigators also have the task of " identifying and repatriating " the Ukrainian victims, in particular the crew members.

" Refrain from any manipulation "

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke on the phone with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani. He reiterated his call to " refrain from manipulation, speculation and conspiracy theory " . According to the first elements of the Iranian investigation published last night, the plane turned around after a " problem ", but " the pilot did not transmit any radio message concerning unusual circumstances ".

Damaged black boxes

The black boxes were found but they are damaged. The Iranian civil aviation organization said they would be sent abroad, without giving further details. The big question is where they can be decrypted. Iran refuses to deliver them to the aircraft manufacturer Boeing or to the Americans in general. However, according to industry experts, few countries are capable of analyzing black boxes. In addition to the United States, this is the case of France, Germany and Great Britain. Three Germans and three British were on board this aircraft.

In Canada, the emotion is great after the Tehran crash