Japanese mobile app users such as UNIQLO, which had once shrunk in the wake of the Japanese boycott last year, have recovered substantially at the end of the year.

According to the mobile index of iGworks, a mobile big data platform company, on November 5, the number of monthly monthly users (MAU, non-overlapping users using the service for a month) of UNIQLO mobile app based on Android was 688,000714. People recorded

This is close to the average for the first half (71,924 people).

UNIQLO App MAU started to drop sharply in July, when boycotts began in earnest, and fell to 27,287 in September, but rose sharply to 50,62 in October.

In December, 618,000684 people were recorded.

Users of the Japanese household goods brand 'Unmanned Merchandise' app showed a similar pattern.

The MAU of unmanned goods app, which bottomed out to 29,800 in September, rebounded from 448 in October, 44,000 in November, and 45,523 in December. Up to 83%).

The hot boycott of Japan, which was once burned up last year, has had a big impact on consumption behavior both online and offline. However, as time passes and the topic becomes less popular, online anti-Japanese atmosphere is not the same as before.

A digital marketing industry official said, "The online consumption environment is different from the offline stores that can't help but be aware of the surroundings." I did.