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The headquarters of the WTO in Geneva (illustration image). REUTERS / Ruben Sprich

The WTO will celebrate its 25th anniversary on January 1 in a state of paralysis. The United States has refused to appoint new judges to the Commercial Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) Court of Appeal. Americans are however the first beneficiaries of the organization.

In 25 years, the WTO has brought in $ 87 billion to the United States. According to the German Bertelsmann foundation, the Americans are the first beneficiaries of the World Trade Organization.

The Chinese are just behind with a billion less, while Beijing did not join the WTO until 2001. Germany completes the podium with 66 billion. France, it is far behind with 24 billion dollars.

WTO stopped

Since its creation, the WTO has increased the GDP of its member states by 4.5%. Results obtained by lowering customs barriers to promote trade.

But the WTO is now at a standstill. Washington wants a more protectionist policy and has not appointed judges to its dispute settlement body.

To resolve this situation, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, wishes to meet Donald Trump in early 2020.