• 10-N. Sanchez puts pensions in campaign and will raise them December with the CPI with the government in office
  • With the CPI, the Government does not guarantee now to raise pensions in December as promised for 10-N

Pedro Sánchez will not fulfill his electoral promise of raising pensions with the CPI in December. On October 7, with the electoral machinery already underway and after presenting his program for the elections of November 10, the president gave functions made the following promise: " I announce that this December we will update the pensions around to the real CPI . " Today, in the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the Government spokeswoman, Isabel Celaá, said that the reality is that this increase will not occur and that, in fact, the benefits will remain frozen until it is formed a government .

"The revaluation of pensions, which will be made at 0.9% given that this has been the CPI, and there will be a single revaluation at the precise moment that the Government is set up," Celaá explained, which means that the Government will not apply any increase to January 1, not even the 0.25% increase that is included in the law still in force in case of system deficit.

Celaá has justified that the benefits rose 1.6% in 2019, and that however the cost of living has been lower, so the Government of Sanchez has already allowed pensioners and retirees to register a significant gain in purchasing power .

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