Dentsu Reduced 1,400 employees due to poor overseas business December 16, 18:07

Dentsu, a major advertising company, announced that it will reduce approximately 1400 people in China and Australia due to sluggish overseas business.

According to the announcement, Dentsu is an overseas advertising business, and competition with other companies is intensifying.

It covers seven markets in China, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, which will reduce approximately 1400 people, or 11% of these markets, from this month to next year. The

The company expects 24.8 billion yen as expenses associated with structural reforms, such as an increase in retirement benefits.

As a result, Dentsu has revised its overall profit forecast for the entire fiscal year ending December 12 down significantly to 6.2 billion yen, 82% less than the previous forecast.