Investors stressed that the Emirati industries are known internationally as one of the most quality industries in the world, explaining that the quality system for various industries in the Emirates is very accurate and strict, and it is not allowed to set up any factory in any region in the country without taking into account the highest quality factors, and obtaining local certificates. Whether it is factories affiliated with the government or the private sector, it is a world-class institute of quality.

They stressed that in the event of a low level of quality, the factory’s license will be suspended and prevented from production, pointing to the existence of continuous and periodic strict control from many local departments and agencies to ensure the quality of production, as Emirati companies export to various parts of the world, and each day gain the confidence of more Dealers, which helped it to increase the volume of exports and enter more new markets.

Emirati industries

In detail, the businessman, founder and president of Al Shumookh Industrial Group, Ali Al Amri, said that "Emirati industries are known internationally as one of the most quality industries in the world", explaining that the quality system for various industries in the UAE is very accurate and strict, and no factory is allowed to be set up in any A region in the country without taking into account the highest quality factors, and obtaining local and international certificates from quality institutes, known worldwide, and the applied systems encourage the adoption of international quality systems, whether they are factories affiliated with the government or the private sector.

He added that in the event of a low level of quality, the factory's license would be suspended and prevented from production.

Al Amri pointed out that most of the factories in the UAE are automatic and semi-automatic factories, applying the latest technology in manufacturing and production, which does not allow low quality levels.

He stressed that the UAE does not allow the import of fraudulent or non-original imported raw materials, which made them enjoy a global reputation for quality, noting that the raw materials, especially foodstuffs, are always of high concentration and purity, to ensure a high level of quality.

Quality of products

For his part, Mounir Haddad, CEO of the "Adnib" company that produces paper and carpets and many medical supplies, said that "the quality of Emirati products made in the UAE is not in doubt locally or globally, as the UAE industry has been able to demonstrate its superiority and competence over the past years."

Haddad explained that no factory is allowed to produce without obtaining local and international certificates from locally or internationally recognized entities, ensuring the safety and quality of manufactured products.

He pointed to the presence of strict and continuous control from many local departments and bodies, according to the emirate, to ensure the quality of production, noting that Emirati companies are exporting to different parts of the world, and every day they gain the confidence of more dealers, which makes them increase the volume of exports, and they are able to Entering more new markets, indicating that his company, for example, has export contracts to the Gulf countries, Europe, Africa and New Zealand, and is also supplying part of its production to international organizations affiliated with the United Nations, which confirms the pursuit of the highest quality and safety bicycles, especially with regard to With supplies Yeh.

High quality

For his part, Iyad Al-Ansari, the managing director of the Buses group, said that "the Emirati industry enjoys high quality and conforming to international specifications," adding that the local and federal departments responsible for licensing, monitoring and authorizing industries in the UAE have been known worldwide for investigating the accuracy and objectivity of all products that It carries the slogan "Made in the Emirates", with full adherence to the standard, in addition to most of the major manufacturers obtaining international quality certificates, certificates of following environmental and safety protection systems, and certificates of relevant authorities from international bodies stating that the relevant standard is compatible with International requirements.

He pointed out that there are several factors that support the reputation of products in the Emirates, the most important of which is the welcome of the developed world to enter the products of the Emirates in various forms, and many products have the highest demand in the countries to which they are exported, such as many food products, ceramic products, and Emirati medicines, including What was exported to remote and remote markets, depending on the reputation of Emirati products, including, for example, the export of buses and buses to Australia, confirming that there are branches of international factories operating from within the UAE.

Al-Ansari pointed out that the opening of the Emirates, with its commercial, financial, banking and logistical systems, its 12 ports, its nine airports, and international carriers (Emirates Airlines and Etihad) allowed the UAE industry to become famous and popular.

And that the various factories in the state bear upon themselves to be responsible for preserving the very good reputation that the wise and rational leadership built for our country has built.

In the same context, the Emirati business leader, Jassem Al Bastaki, said that «based on personal experiences over the past years, there is no major commodity producing locally or imported, that is traded in the state’s markets before checking its quality, and obtaining local and international government certificates from destinations Internationally recognized, to ensure high quality. ”

Al Bastaki explained that in the field of importing some basic food commodities, for example, import requests are submitted along with all components and information about the commodity and certificates confirming the quality of the commodity in the country of origin, and a “specification” and local authorities visit the factory abroad, at the cost of the agent Emirati, to take samples, follow up on all stages of manufacturing, and make unannounced visits as well before giving approval to import.

He pointed out that the various commodities, especially the food commodities, are examined, as soon as they reach the customs, by specialists, as they are examined by the concerned local authorities, and samples are taken before they are put on the market, to ensure that they conform to the specifications.

"The UAE industries, especially the aluminum industry, are known for their quality throughout the world," said Yousef Al Bastaki, an expert in the aluminum industry, who has worked in the industry sector in the UAE for more than 30 years, explaining that Emirati factories invested billions of dirhams in order to maintain At a high quality level that competes with international products.

He added that the aluminum industry has managed to maintain its customers around the world for more than 40 years, and add new customers every day.

The Emirati quality mark imposes strict conditions to ensure consumer safety

"The main products circulating in the UAE markets, whether produced locally or imported, have an Emirati quality mark or an Emirati conformity mark that imposes strict conditions, ensuring the quality of the products and the safety of consumers," said Abdullah Al-Muaini, Director General of the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (Specifications).

Al-Muaini told Emirates Today that the most prominent of these products are food products, foremost of which is drinking water, and the main food items, such as meat, dairy, and juices, as well as vehicle parts, cosmetics, and others.

He stressed that the local authorities in the country are constantly monitoring and inspecting factories, in cooperation and coordination with "specifications", to verify high levels of quality. Also, a smart "blocker" system was launched last year, and this system enables consumers to inform the regulatory authorities concerned of the existence of any product It is not safe for the consumer, or has been withdrawn from the markets, and in any emirate, as well as reporting incidents resulting from the use of products that do not meet the UAE standards, in addition to providing educational content to consumers, merchants and stakeholders.

Al-Muaini revealed that in the event of information or notification of the existence of a product that does not have the necessary quality in one of the factories, teams from the local authorities in coordination with the «Specifications» will inspect the factory immediately, and complete laboratory tests are performed, and in the event that the factory is found to be in violation For quality standards, the sale of the product is stopped in the market, and the conformity certificate or quality mark is suspended until documentation and complete examination prove that the factory has modified its position again, and that the products are of a high degree of quality.

He explained that 90 thousand products from 1312 national and foreign factories have the UAE quality mark, and "specifications" issue 20 thousand conformity certificates, and 20 thousand status statement certificates annually, after checking the quality of the products.

He noted that there are 7,600 companies registered in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, from more than 140 countries by the end of this year, and 100 companies in Jebel Ali have been replaced in the list of "Fortune" to the largest 500 companies in the world, indicating that there is a high demand from local and international companies to obtain On the Emirati quality mark.