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For Israeli voters, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is the main culprit behind the political stalemate. Abir Sultan / Pool via REUTERS

In March this year, Israeli voters will have to return to the polls to nominate their deputies for the third time in a year. Parliament's mandate expired at midnight on Wednesday, as MPs failed to agree on the name of a prime minister.

With our correspondent in Jerusalem , Guilhem Delteil

It has been nearly nine months since Israel sought a government and the parties are blaming themselves for this new failure. In a video posted on social media in the evening, before the expiry of the deadline given to the Knesset at midnight local time, Benyamin Netanyahu accused the main coalition of the outgoing Parliament, Bleu-Blanc , for " creating a whirlwind of maneuvers. policies ".

" They want to hide the fact that they have done everything possible to prevent the establishment of a broad national unity government, " said Netanyahu. " Keep a few lies for the campaign " immediately answered the Blue White party.

The political stalemate continues

The training accuses the head of the government of wanting immunity while he has been indicted for corruption, fraud and breach of trust , and to focus his personal interest rather than that of the country.

The "maker of kings", Avigdor Liberman who, with eight deputies, could have brought a majority to any of the candidates for the post of Prime Minister, refers the two groups back-to-back. Neither the Likud nor Blue-White wanted a government of national unity, says the former defense minister. But according to a poll released by a television channel Tuesday night, for voters, the first person responsible for this crisis is Benyamin Netanyahu.