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Labor "direct employment fell out"… 에 'Repulsion' to Kim Yong-kyun's follow-up measures


One year after the death of Mr. Kim Yong-kyun, I received the news that the Special Investigation Committee's recommendation to prevent recurrence was not implemented properly.


One year after the death of Mr. Kim Yong-gyun, I was informed that the recommendation of the Special Investigation Committee to prevent recurrence was not implemented properly. I repulsed once.

Yoo Deok-gi reporter reports.


After the late Kim Yong-kyun accident at the end of last year, the government and the private sector set up a special investigation committee and a recommendation to prevent recurrence came out in August.

But after criticism that recommendations were not being implemented, the government and the ruling party announced safety measures.

In pursuing full-time employment of workers in the fuel and facilities sectors, five power generation companies said they would hire a subsidiary.

In order to prevent labor costs, the government also said that it will establish appropriate labor cost standards and apply them from 2022.

[Cha Young-hwan / Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of National Coordination Bureau: We will improve and mandate the system by the end of this year so that workers can participate in the risk assessment of power generation companies.]

But the labor community strongly opposed.

Full-time employment through subsidiaries has already been announced by the party in February, and the core recommendation for power companies to hire directly is missing from government measures.

[Kwon, Attorney / Kim Yong-gyun, Special Labor Relations Commissioner: I don't think it's very different from a big partner. To keep the subcontracting structure intact.

The Task Force on Performance Task Forces stressed that if the standardization through direct employment is practically limited, the government should identify a step-by-step implementation plan for full-time employment.

Source: sbskr

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