A tour of "Emirates Today" on companies and shops for renting luxury cars in Dubai revealed the rental of some types of these cars at very high prices, where a luxury sports car recorded a daily rental price ranging between 70 and 75 thousand dirhams.

The companies reported that the prices for renting other types of luxury cars, apart from that car that is an exception on the market, depend on the brand of the car, the year of manufacture and the model.

The most expensive

The tour monitored daily rental prices for five different types of luxury cars as follows: The first ranged between daily rent between 6200 and 7000 dirhams, with a requirement to pay insurance of 10 thousand dirhams, while second came a sports car with a daily rental price ranging between 4500 and 5,000 dirhams with insurance worth 5000 dirhams.

And came in the third place, a luxury car that recorded a daily rental price between 4200 and 4800 dirhams, with insurance payment of 5,000 dirhams, while fourth came a car with a rental price ranging between 4000 and 4200 dirhams, while a car came in at a price ranging between 3900 and 4000 dirhams fifth.

Growing demand

In addition, the director of marketing at the "CAR VAULT" car showroom, Abed Ali Akbar, said that luxury car rental in Dubai is witnessing an increasing demand with the improvement of the weather and the high rates of tourism to Dubai, especially among the celebrities category.

He added that Dubai is the most important tourist city in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of influx of celebrities, pointing out that this category is the most in demand for these types of cars besides businessmen.

Akbar explained that some luxury and sports cars rent between 5,000 and 7,000 dirhams per day for distinguished groups, but there are some cars that exceed this ceiling significantly, given the limited number in the country and the high price, which for some of them reaches 12.5 million dirhams.

Huge sums

For his part, General Manager of the dollar dollar car rental company, Marwan Al Mulla, said that there is a great demand in the market for all types of luxury and sports cars, supported by the growth of the tourism sector during the current period, especially for tourists who prefer to visit Dubai between November and April every year. .

He added that Dubai attracts tourists from all groups, especially the elite class, or celebrities who tend more to the types of luxury cars, pointing out that some of them accept to pay huge sums in exchange for driving a car of limited production models.


In turn, the general manager of the "Vendome" car rental office, Mohamed Akhtar, said that increasing the flow of tourists to Dubai raises the demand for rental cars in general, and luxury or sports in particular.

Akhtar pointed out that some car rental companies and offices have achieved, during the past period, a growth of 30% in their business.