First domestic passenger jet "schedule" Mitsubishi Aircraft December 11th 11:10

Mitsubishi Aircraft, which is developing Japan's first jet passenger aircraft "Mitsubishi Space Jet", has opened its development base in the United States to the Japanese media. This jet passenger aircraft has been delivered for the first time five times so far, and the person in charge at the site said, “I want to proceed with development while taking measures to keep the schedule.”

Mitsubishi Aircraft is currently developing the first domestically produced passenger aircraft, the Mitsubishi Space Jet, whose name has changed from MRJ at the airport in Moses Lake, Washington, USA.

On the 10th, the situation was released to the Japanese media, and at the beginning, the person in charge of the company conducted a flight test to acquire the "type certification" that guarantees the safety of the aircraft from March. Explained that we are approaching the final stage.

The flight test of the aircraft was scheduled for this day, but it was canceled due to bad weather, and the jet was running on the runway at a speed of over 70 km / h to check the running performance.

Development of this jet passenger aircraft has been delayed due to design changes, etc. The delivery time of the first aircraft has been postponed five times so far, and now we are aiming for delivery in the middle of next year.

“I've been five times late so far, but I have learned a lot from that. I want to do my best and continue to develop while keeping my schedule in mind.”