Nora Al Dhaheri, Director of Abu Dhabi Cruise Ship Station, affiliated to Abu Dhabi Ports, said that Abu Dhabi will attract more than 460,000 marine tourists aboard 225 cruises through the cruise ship terminal at Port Zayed and the cruise ship terminal at Sir Bani Yas Beach during the season. The current one that started last October and lasts six months.

Al Dhaheri mentioned in press statements on the sidelines of the arrival of the cruise ship «M. S. C Plessima »To Abu Dhabi for the first time yesterday, European tourists, headed by Germans, are leading the marine tourists of the emirate, noting that the Abu Dhabi cruise ship terminal received 329 thousand visitors during the last season 2017-2018.

Al Dhaheri explained that MSC Plaisima is the sixth largest cruise ship in the world, pointing to the coincidence of the arrival of this ship with the reception of two other cruise ships in one of the busiest days of the 2019-2020 tourist season, with 8,000 visitors arriving in one day .

In turn, the CEO of "Abu Dhabi Ports", Captain Mohammed Jumaa Al Shamsi, said that the arrival of the giant ship "Blessima" highlights the importance of the Abu Dhabi Cruise Ship Terminal, and highlights its advanced facilities and world-class services, which provide a distinct travel experience for cruise operators and visitors.

5686 tourists

The executive director of MSC, the owner of MSC Plisima, Gianni Honorato, said that the ship carries 5686 tourists to Abu Dhabi, in addition to the crew of 1536 people.

Onorato explained that the length of the ship, which was launched last March, is 315 meters, and there are 2217 rooms.