SAP, the global solutions and technical systems company and partner of software solutions for the Expo 2020 Dubai, has announced that it will provide the exhibition with the Smart Podium platform, an application on smart devices, to assist those with determination during the events of Expo 2020.

She indicated, for "Emirates Today", that the platform also allows event organizers to learn about the numbers and categories of people of determination at the site, the number of volunteers on duty, emergency accidents, and the level of visitor satisfaction, pointing out that the exhibition will depend on the services of the fifth generation in predictive and preventive maintenance operations For suites, vehicles, sensitive infrastructure, and future stores with sensors to analyze customer data and directions.

Software solutions

In detail, Jerji Aboud said that the company that is the partner of innovative software solutions for (Expo 2020 Dubai) works through its solutions in helping to improve operations and reduce costs through activities. The exhibition, providing distinguished and personal experiences for more than 25 million expected visits, and 192 participating countries.

He added that «the company contributes with (Expo 2020 Dubai) by adopting international practices, which allow the integration of visitor experiences data with operational data in an immediate way, to provide a special experience for each visitor, and designed according to his priorities and aspirations».

Abboud pointed out that «(SAB) will present, through the exhibition activities, a platform (Podium), interactive and dedicated to those of determination through an application with smart devices to facilitate their mobility in the site (Expo)», pointing out that the «SAB» co-innovation lab cooperates with Both “Expo 2020 Dubai” and the “Hair Technologies” global company, to develop this platform in order to achieve the best visit experience for those of determination.

He added that «Podium platform allows visitors to customize their experience when visiting the Expo site, according to their requirements and desires to visit and access specific sites and pavilions, using the Internet of Things and mobile tracking technologies, and for example, people of determination can choose their requirements such as automatic wheelchairs Or audio headsets or sensory maps on their visit to the Expo events.

Abboud pointed out that «the platform, integrated with artificial intelligence technologies, allows event organizers to learn about the numbers and categories of people of determination in the site, the number of alternate volunteers, emergency accidents, and the level of visitor satisfaction, as the platform integrates the experience of customers instantly with customer data cloud solutions from (S AB). ”

He said that Expo 2020 Dubai is currently using the S / 4HANA® business software package from SAP, in addition to human resources and procurement software, and the special C / 4HANA® platform. Instant analysis of visitor data. It also uses the SAP® Analytics Cloud and the SAP Digital Boardroom to provide analytics and reports instantly, thereby improving decision-making.

He added that the "Expo" department is working within its plans to publish the SAP Customer Checkout platform to handle retail sales transactions that will take place across hundreds of points of sale at the event site.

He pointed out that the Expo will integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into various processes and customer experiences, such as smart transportation to and from the exhibition site, as well as allocating privileges and retail offers.

Fifth generation

Abboud said that the UAE is one of the pioneering countries in the deployment of fifth generation services, as these efforts will support many new and innovative services during the events of Expo 2020 Dubai, which will use the latest technologies emerging from artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, analysis, the Internet of things, virtual reality and augmented reality , Which will support its use in the fifth generation.

He added that one of the most prominent examples of the fifth generation services at the Expo 2020 Dubai site is predictive and preventive maintenance of pavilions, vehicles, sensitive infrastructure, future stores equipped with sensors to analyze customer data and directions, and services related to the security of workers connected to the Internet.

Digital evolution

Jerji Abboud, First Vice President and General Manager of SAP for the Middle East, said that with the aim of supporting the march of transformation and digital development for the UAE, SAP continues to develop its five-year, $ 200 million investment plan, which includes a center Cloud data in the UAE in addition to the company's headquarters in the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to the joint SAP Research Laboratory.

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