Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (DFM) gained about 3.9 billion dirhams during last week's trading, which was limited to two sessions, amid investors' mixed trading in the two markets.The Dubai index rose 0.6%, while the Abu Dhabi index rose 0.32%.

In detail, the Dubai Financial Market index rose during the two trading sessions, last week, by 0.6%, closing at 2694.71 points.

Market capitalization gained about 1.4 billion dirhams.

The investment and financial services sector witnessed the biggest increase of 1.96%, while the industrial sector witnessed the biggest decline among the rest of the sectors by 10%.

Arabs, GCC and nationals were net sellers of AED 2.63 million, AED 6.2 million and AED 15.5 million respectively, while foreigners were net sellers by AED 24.3 million.

Institutions were net buyers of AED 8.43 million, while individuals were net sellers of AED 7.63 million, while other traders were net sellers by AED 799.5 million.

Abu Dhabi Securities Market Index has increased by 0.32% to close at 5046.61 points, with a market capitalization of about 2.5 billion dirhams.

Most of the sectors' indices gained, led by the real estate sector which rose by 1.1%, while the services sector decreased by 1.97%, the consumer goods sector by 0.617% and the banking sector by 0.24%.

Arabs and nationals were net buyers of AED 401.6 thousand and AED 26.7 million respectively, while Gulf and foreigners were net sellers by AED 12.3 million and AED 14.9 million respectively. Institutions are net sellers at AED 4.97 million, while individuals are net buyers.