“In 2020, OPEC and Russia, seeing a slowdown in shale oil production in the United States due to low investment returns, do not miss the opportunity and announce a new strong decline in production,” RIA Novosti reports the forecast.

As noted, in this situation, the Brent brand may return to the level of $ 90 per barrel, which is “huge benefit” for Russia.

According to experts, the development of green energy would be no less beneficial for Moscow.

“Russia is gaining on two fronts: firstly, as the world's largest supplier of palladium used in automobiles to improve air quality,” the material says.

The second direction is the transfer of batteries for electric vehicles from cobalt to nickel, the demand for which is "rising to heaven".

The “shocking forecasts” of the Danish investment bank are issued every year and mainly concern unlikely events, due to which financial markets can be overwhelmed by a powerful “shock wave”.

In May, Christopher Dembik, head of the macroeconomic analysis department of the bank, told RT about the situation with the US government debt and the Russian financial sector.