The Ibex 35 has left 2.09% in the first session of the month of December, erasing the promotions achieved in recent weeks and placing it below the level of 9,200 points, with all its values ​​in negative.

Although the selective began the day with promotions, looking for 9,400 points for the good data of growth in manufacturing activity in China (has registered the highest rebound since 2016, above schedule), around noon has started a fall that has led him to close the session at 9,156.3 points.

Markets have been weighed down by the announcement of US President Donald Trump to restore "with immediate effects" the tariffs levied on US imports of steel and aluminum from Brazil and Argentina, which he accuses of a "devaluation massive "of their respective currencies , which is detrimental to US farmers.

All the values ​​of the selective have been dyed 'red', presenting the greatest falls MoreMóvil (-4.35%), Indra (-3.95%), Iberdrola (-3.74%), Ferrovial (-3.71 %), Endesa (-3.03%), Naturgy (-3%), Mediaset (-2.9%), Power grid (-2.47%), Enagás (-2.43%) and IAG (- 2.43%).

Precisely this Monday, Mediaset has announced that, despite the "intense efforts made", the attempt to reconcile with Vivendi and Simon Fiduciaria in the dispute over the merger of the Italian with its Spanish subsidiary for the creation of Media for Europe NV ( MFE) has failed.

On the other hand, the risk premium offered to investors for Spanish bonds with a 10-year maturity compared to their German counterparts stood at 76 basis points, with profitability at 0.49%.

The rest of European stock exchanges presented similar behaviors, because despite starting the day with promotions they have closed with retracements of 0.84% ​​in London, 1.95% in Frankfurt and 1.9% in Paris .

On the other hand, the price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, a reference for the Old Continent, stood at $ 61.27, while Texas was set at $ 56.05.

Finally, the price of the euro against the dollar rose to 1,1081 'green notes'.

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