Nissan New President Uchida “Strengthen Collaboration with Renault for Short-term Profit” December 3, 7:43

In response to NHK's independent interview, Nissan Motor's President Shinshin Uchida expressed his idea of ​​strengthening the relationship with Renault in the alliance to make short-term profits for both sides suffering from sluggish business performance. .

New President Uchida responded to NHK's independent interview at the head office in Yokohama on the 2nd.

Among them, in addition to former Ghosn case, Ashimoto's performance is sluggish, “Nissan is in a very harsh environment and will fulfill its mission as president with a preparedness. Is the most important. "

In addition, it was said that there was no debate over management integration over the last year that Renault demanded management integration from Nissan.

On top of that, it is important to discuss whether the alliance can properly contribute to the sales and profits of each company in the short term. , The idea of ​​working to strengthen the partnership that will be profitable in the short term for the performance of each company.

President Uchida, who was stationed in the Philippines as a major trading company, has abundant international experience such as Nissan doing business in Korea and China, and he also learned Tagalog to meet local people in the Philippines.

President Uchida said, “Nissan's strength is that it has employees with diverse cultures. We respect each other and share issues with transparency, so we can lead to trust. If this is done, the company will become stronger, "he stressed, and emphasized the idea of ​​handling the company with emphasis on communication.

"Determine and prepare"

This is the main interaction with President Uchida.

Q: First of all, what did you think when you were elected president?

A: To be honest and honored, Nissan is in a very tough environment, and becoming a president is determined to be determined and tackled. We intend to pull the company through the debate of Nissan's current challenges one by one in the new management system.

Q: What about your family?

A: My family also supports me.

Raised in Egypt and Malaysia

Q: You have a lot of overseas experience. Where did you live?

A: When I was a child, I was in Cairo, Egypt. In junior high school, 5 years in Malaysia. A general trading company in my previous job in the Philippines for 5 years and 5 months. It has been a year and a half since I joined Nissan. Until recently, I was in China for a year and a half.

Q: I heard that you are fluent in Tagalog.

A: At that time, I was in a trading company joint venture and I wanted to understand what local people were talking about, so I studied Tagalog. Most of the things I spoke were actually English. . I had the experience of being able to talk with local people by showing the attitude of knowing Tagalog.

Cherished words

Q: Nissan is also developing globally.

A: There are three words I cherish. We believe that “respect each other”, “sharing various issues with transparency”, and “reliable relationships can be created”. When I was in charge of the Renault-Nissan Purchasing Department, a Chinese joint venture came with the same spirit.

Q: What are your thoughts on respecting “respect”?

A: A strong part of Nissan is that there are employees with diverse cultures. While cultures and businesses are different from each other, I express the culture that I listen to from each other's standpoint as “respect each other”. There is a premise of “respect”, sharing issues with transparency, and if this can be done, it will lead to trust. It's quite natural, but it's quite difficult.

Q: During the press conference, the word “culture that can do what I can't do” was impressive. Did you feel such a culture with your skin during the “Gone days”?

A: I don't know if "Gone days" is appropriate. Nissan has always pursued high goals, and it has become a successful experience and has achieved high growth. However, it is a fact that it has become an environment that seeks higher goals and higher goals, and there may be some aspects that have made progress in the process of being able to do things that cannot be done. Although high goals are necessary to manage the company as the president, if we can share something that can be challenged, I think that the whole company will work together toward that. I would like to change to a corporate culture that can set goals in this way.

Q: How do you proceed specifically?

A: We are reviewing our North American business and improving investment efficiency as part of our business reforms. I think it's important to move forward with the customer as the top priority, with a major focus on improving the quality of sales.

Alliance is an asset of Nissan

Q: What will happen to the partnership with Renault?

A: The alliance is an asset of Nissan, and we are promoting alliance activities from the viewpoint of competitiveness. Now, what is important in the alliance discussion is whether it can contribute to the sales and profits of the respective companies in the short term in order to contribute to the sales and profits of each company in the extremely difficult situation of Nissan and Renault and Mitsubishi.

Q: Does it mean that there is no business integration with Renault?

A: That is a matter of shape, and what issues we are facing now can contribute to each company first. Focus on what areas we have contributed so far and what areas to strengthen.

Nissan's future is under discussion in the company

Q: At the conference, you said, “You can't read 10 years ahead.”

A: The automotive industry has changed dramatically when viewed in the short, medium and long term. Under these circumstances, we are beginning to discuss exactly how Nissan's strong technology can contribute to the future automobile industry and society. Nissan wants to create a place where we can talk about where we are going in the future.

"One Team" "One Voice"

Q: Do you have a motto or axis as a manager?

A: The above three words. By promoting this, the company will become more active. Nissan believes that each person is extremely capable. I came in longing for such a Nissan. Therefore, to make it even stronger, I would like to share the three words with you at various opportunities in the future.

Q: You said “One team” at the interview.

A: If mutual trust is built, it becomes one team. Although we use the word “One Voice” internally, we would like to move forward with the same direction and way of thinking as the same team.

Create a forum for face-to-face discussion

Q: How do you demonstrate leadership among diverse human resources?

A: I think that is how you can communicate with your subordinates. I would like to set up a place where I can talk with management, middle managers and employees. If you are operating a company with diversity, you must be able to see the other person's face and have a discussion. I think it is very important to share and understand the management's way of thinking and to go in that direction.