• Coalition.Sanchez will shield Social Security so as not to leave it in the hands of Podemos
  • Social Security.The Government plans to raise pension spending by at least 18,000 million with the 'piggy bank' at minimum

"We have four challenges to face urgently to ensure the adequacy of pensions." Yolanda Díaz , deputy of Podemos and candidate according to the majority of pools to be Minister of Labor in an upcoming Government in coalition with the PSOE, yesterday put on the table her strategy to solve the financing of the pension system, one of the biggest challenges of the Spanish economy.

The importance of the Social Security Fund has led the Government to consider measures to ensure that, if the party led by Pablo Iglesias takes over Labor, the agency that pays pensions is beyond its control , either independently, or under the umbrella of another Ministry.

Díaz presented his strategy in Vigo, within the framework of a series of conferences on Social Law and with the focus of what will be Social Security in the future. The present is more than complex from a political and financial point of view. An expense of 153.8 billion euros that is not enough to pay 10 million pensions and prevent the system's debt from growing at a dizzying pace. Díaz aimed to «go to financing via budgets when social contributions do not reach». In other words, cover the lack of resources to pay pensions with more taxes . At his side, Borja Suárez , general director of Social Security with Magdalena Valerio, candidate to succeed Octavio Granado and defender of notably opposed reforms.

The of Podemos is a scheme that is hardly acceptable by international organizations that monitor Spanish debt and ask for reforms that are going in the opposite direction. But, pending if the ministerial distribution convinces the parties, it would remain to be resolved if, as it seems, Social Security ceases to be integrated into Work what would be its fit in the future Government.

The fact that it ceases to be part of the portfolio that Magdalena Valerio still manages would be totally exceptional, since it has always been this way during Democracy, but the Secretary of State could have a place in Finance or in Economy . In the case of the Ministry of María Jesús Montero, sources from this department assure that they have not received any communication in this regard although the sum of the management of the Budgets and the pensions would give rise to an enormous task.

More feasible, or at least not so complex to manage, would be the sum of Economy and Social Security. This option would leave pressure management in the hands of Nadia Calviño, which would reinforce her role as vice president and, at the same time, would fit in the fact that Pedro Sánchez wants the former general director of Budgets of the European Union to be the face visible of the new Executive in economic matters. And right now, there is no greater challenge in this field than the management of Social Security, whose debt already exceeded last October 50,000 million. From Economy, for now, they just say that they prefer not to enter into hypotheses but at no time reject the fit.

Faithful to Churches

Díaz's election is due to the fact that he is one of the closest people to Iglesias despite a military in IU . Both worked together in the 2012 Galician elections, being his collaborator. This circumstance, its parliamentary work and its activism in labor material have always placed it as a fixed in the pools to occupy a ministry in the case that United We can reach Moncloa. Even before the April elections, when Iglesias based his campaign on achieving a co-government with the PSOE, his name rang hard, to the point that the leader of Podemos in Galicia, Antón Gómez Reino, during a rally in A Coruña, the ran as "new Minister of Industry."

In recent months, together with Rafael Mayoral and Iglesias himself, Díaz has met at least a couple of times with the CCOO and UGT unions, as well as with others such as USO or the Finance Technicians (Gestha). He has been a spokesman for United We in the Toledo Pact (the group blew the consensus to reform the system in February) and in the Labor and Industry commissions. Irene Montero a few months ago already placed her as one of the main assets of United We can enter the Executive.

Díaz is a member of the Galician Galician coalition in the Common of Podemos Podemos and IU. His ministerial status would cover several installments for Iglesias : an armchair for the confluences of United Podemos and for IU, so that his appointment would be worth twice as much. It would also contribute a feminist quota, one of the bastions of purple formation.

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