The French audiovisual group Vivendi plans to leave Mediaset, a decision that would alleviate the legal confrontation generated with Fininvest and that would allow the Berlusconi family to definitely take control of the operator.

According to sources cited by Reuters, the French group is willing to sell its shares to Mediaset, although the operation will be carried out at a lower price than the acquisition of said shares. In this way, the legal disputes that both companies maintain and that have been evidenced in the recent attempt to form a large communication holding that integrates Mediaset Spain and its Italian parent company would be terminated; both have risen this Friday on the stock market driven by this information on the separation of roads. The Spanish branch, the second that has improved the most in the Ibex this day, has reached a price that it had not registered since the beginning of October.

The shares that Vivendi would divest are in the Simon Fiduciary Trust, and would be sold, according to Reuters, at 3.25 euros per share, compared to the figure of 3.70 euros that the action cost when Vivendi acquired them in 2016. Since then, the company has increased its position to touch 28.80% (19.20% through Simon Fiduciary), a behavior that, according to Fininvest, has had a hostile character.

Mediaset and Mediaset Spain intend to form a pan-European conglomerate called MFE (MediaForEurope), which would be located in the Netherlands but would maintain its prices in Milan and Madrid. Fininvest controls 44.18% of Mediaset Italia, the parent of the Spanish operator that includes seven channels, including Telecinco and Cuatro. The second Mediaset shareholder is Vivendi, with 28.80% of the shares.

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