Pentel's partner is “plus” to KOKUYO and stock fighting 20:29 on November 20

A problem that stationery maker KOKUYO is embarking on a hostile acquisition of Pentel has found that Pentel is a plus for a major stationery company that is trying to form a capital alliance with another third party.

KOKUYO held a press conference on the 15th of this month and announced that it would aim to buy a majority of writing instrument maker Pentel to make it a subsidiary and embarked on a hostile takeover.

At that time, he explained that the reason is that Pentel is planning a capital alliance with a third party. In this regard, I found out that this third party is a stationery major plus.

Plus, a company was established on the 5th of this month to acquire the shares of Pentel, and according to KOKUYO, it is in preparation.

On the 20th, KOKUYO announced that the purchase price of the shares presented by Plus was the same amount as KOKUYO, raising the purchase price by 250 yen per share to 3750 yen.

KOKUYO and Plus are competing for the acquisition of shares over Pentel, which has high technical capabilities in the field of writing instruments and has a strong overseas sales network. Plus says about KOKUYO's announcement, "I have confirmed the content but I would like to refrain from commenting."