“It seems to me that he objectively described everything. Both we and the Germans have always argued that this project is economic, and opponents of Nord Stream 2 have always tried to give it political status, ”Olenchenko explained.

The expert added that Russia is interested in implementing the project, since for the country gas is a commodity that is exported, while for Germany gas plays a dual role.

“On the one hand, it is a raw material for the chemical industry, on the other hand, a means for heating in the residential and domestic sectors. When opponents of the project claim that it is political, they usually have some difficulties in order to argue this. They begin to speculate. that Russia would like in this way - and begin to express their fantasies, ”the analyst said.

Commenting on Gabriel’s words that the United States began to oppose the project when they themselves became exporters of gas, Olenchenko noted that they, with the persistence characteristic of Americans, form the conditions for the market and for themselves.

The expert also drew attention to the fact that in addition to criticism and attempts to interfere with the construction and activities of Nord Stream 2, the United States is creating a structure in Poland so that it becomes the main distributor of American gas.

Gabriel said earlier that the interests of Germany and Russia regarding the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project coincide.

He noted that the United States began to oppose the pipeline when they themselves became exporters of gas.