Emirates has unveiled some of the future technologies, experiences and interactive experiences it is preparing for visitors to its stand at Expo 2020 Dubai, where it will provide them with personal flights, as well as the possibility of designing their future planes and flying, in addition to the use of aircraft «hologram», to explain to visitors Simply flying science.

The airline said in a statement yesterday that it is working with academics and industry partners in the field of aviation and space, to create and embrace information experiences stimulating to think about the future of aviation for all visitors to the exhibition. Earlier this year, Emirates began construction of its stand. With the foundation completed, the tanker is currently finalizing the metal structure of the building.

A view of the future

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, said: “The Emirates Pavilion at Expo 2020 offers an insight into the future of commercial aviation in 2071, exploring the limits of science and technology, while looking forward to 50 years. Coming from air travel. ”

“The concepts we offer are designed to inspire and inform visitors about the many revolutionary innovations that have emerged from the sustainability of the commercial aviation industry, which are still evolving,” he added, noting that “interactive experiences will allow visitors to experience advanced aircraft structures, propulsion systems, future aircraft cabins and materials. Supermodel ». “Visitors to the Emirates Pavilion and Expo 2020 Dubai in general will leave, and the spirit of creativity, innovation and technological advancement will help us embark on a better future.”


The airline said that its stand at Expo 2020 Dubai will provide visitors with experiences that provide a glimpse into how air travel will evolve over the coming decades, as follows:

Personal journey

Each visitor will begin his personal journey with a “seed”, a ball that allows him to see all the experiences at the Emirates stand. As they travel through the pavilion, visitors will interact with various exhibits covering different aspects of future aviation. These reactions will be stored on the seed and restored in the final experiment to ensure that each visitor experience is unique and unique.


Animation using holograms of future planes, will explain to visitors simply the science of aeronautics, and show how the plane flies by visualizing the four physical characteristics: lift, propulsion, gravity and drag. Visitors will be able to understand and test the scientific principle to show how lift is achieved by combining low air pressure and wing shape, allowing flight with other inputs.

The ambiance is cleaner

The introduction of more innovative and sustainable solutions is an important priority for the aviation industry to ensure a clean and calm atmosphere. The Cleaner Skies in the Emirates Pavilion is an immersive experience that highlights key sustainability issues in the context of passenger growth and technological advances, as well as promising innovations. Visitors will be given a test to learn more about future aviation technologies being developed to deal with climate change.

Payment and lifting

Visitors will explore the engines and fuel of the future through transparent screens and animations featuring realistic models of aircraft engines. Future engine concepts will also showcase different technologies, such as acoustics, hydrogen, hybrid and electric motors, and demonstrate their effects on emissions, sustainability, comfort and speed.

Your own plane

As personal experiences continue, visitors will be invited to put their knowledge into practice to design and fly their future planes. With a highly sophisticated user interface, visitors will build and operate their aircraft through a simulator. Large 3D screens will provide immediate feedback on design decisions throughout the process. The visitor should design his own aircraft based on range, engine type, wings, paint and exterior logo, so that he can finally fly it on a "test flight" that will test its sustainability, speed and passenger comfort.

Future Airport

Emirates will offer visitors to its stand a vision of the future airport to see how biometrics (biometrics), data analysis and smart technologies will transform the passenger experience on the ground. All accessible customs and security systems, baggage innovation, electrical transport systems and intelligent waste management systems will be highlighted.

Live the future

Visitors will be able to fully immerse themselves in an interactive virtual reality mask that allows them to explore the cabin of the future plane from within. Seated in their seats, they can also test interactive fuselage windows, a passenger cabin with no conventional windows, an air communication system, noise cancellation covers, motor vehicles, as well as scenes of different types of lunar and seat distribution.

The seed of the future

At the end of the tour, the visitor will deliver his seed to load his experience at the Emirates Pavilion, which will be embodied in a full 3D movie, combining dynamic storytelling with stunning 3D graphics, with visitor information captured during the tour to provide a personal end Don't forget the trip.

«Greatest Exhibition»

Expo 2020 Dubai has been dubbed the 'World's Greatest Exhibition', promising an abundance of unique experiences in 192 national pavilions that celebrate the many developments in our world and inspire the future, as well as a rich entertainment program with daily live events, music and cultural festivals, culinary experiences, talks and workshops Inspirational work, and many others.

Future Lab

Emirates is offering visitors to its booth at Expo 2020 Dubai the Future Lab to test technologies and engage in robotic arm tests. They can also experiment with 4-D printing, biometric technology and design, and innovative materials capable of maintaining themselves.