The president of Seat, Luca de Meo, has expressed concern that the roadblocks that Catalonia registers in protest over the 'procés' ruling force the Martorell factory to stop and has ensured that "if this continues, the group has other options "since it has plants in almost all of Europe .

In an interview published Monday by La Vanguardia, De Meo explained that this is his fear, although more than a complaint or a warning is his "mood," he said.

De Meo has assured that Seat decided to close the Martorell plant in the last general strike called in Catalonia, on October 18, "out of prudence", because they did not know if all the pieces could arrive, which caused economic damage of " tens of millions of euros. "

Luca de Meo has explained that, although the instability "is not specific to Catalonia ", investors "scare them", and has affirmed that the image that is being projected of the events of Catalonia abroad "does not help".

He has said that his job is to demonstrate that "nothing happens operatively, but if this continues, the group (Volkswagen) has other options, it has plants in almost every country in Europe."

For the president of Seat, it makes no sense for members of the Government to travel to Germany to discuss the situation of Seat with representatives of the Volkswagen group, because they are going to be told to "call me and for that they have my mobile number".

"Some believe that my job is to go to Germany to beg for money," continues De Meo, who remembers that Seat has been self-financing for four years.

Last year, the company obtained a record profit after tax of almost 294 million euros , 4.6% more than in 2017 , which makes them the best in its history, while its turnover is close to 10,000 millions.

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