New contract of Japan Post Insurance 34% decrease due to self-restraint

The Japan Post Group announced interim financial results up to September, and the number of new insurance contracts for Japan Post Insurance was repressed due to inappropriate sales problems. Compared to 34%.

The Japan Post Group announced its interim financial results on September 14 until September.
According to it, the number of new insurance policies of Japan Post Insurance has been around 580,000 since the mid-July period due to inappropriate sales issues, and was around the same time last year. Compared to 34.4%.

In addition, Japan Post Insurance recorded 3.5 billion yen as research expenses for insurance contracts that have been proceeding in response to a series of problems, and returned premiums that were overpaid or returned to original contracts in response to customer requests. As a result, an allowance of over 1 billion yen was recorded.

The insurance survey is expected to cost approximately 5.5 billion yen in the second half of this fiscal year.
On the other hand, the net profit of the entire Japan Post Group was 236.5 billion yen, an increase of 5.8% compared to the same period last year, due to a decrease in expenses related to sales, despite a significant decrease in new insurance policies.

Mr. Noboru Ichikura, Senior Managing Executive Officer of Japan Post Holdings, said at the press conference, “A series of problems will have a limited impact on the financial results in the short term, but in the medium and long term, customers can support when they can resume business. Because of this, we take it with a sense of crisis. "