A Russian government commentary was published in connection with the appearance in the Estonian Postimees newspaper of an article with a “clearly voiced call ... to rethink the deal."

“Researchers” duplicate well-known propaganda cliches ... Washington’s well-known argument is being guessed, striving at all costs to prevent the emergence of a real competitor to American LNG on the European market, ”the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Facebook.

The ministry noted that among the authors of the report cited in the article, "there is not a single recognized professional."

“His (the Nord Stream 2 project. - RT ) main goal is to strengthen cooperation between Russia and European countries in the energy sector. The artificial escalation of information hysteria around this project, its senseless politicization are absolutely unacceptable, ”the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized.

They also expressed confidence in the successful implementation of the project, despite all attempts to discredit it.

On October 25, Postimees published an article entitled “The High Cost Europe and Russia Have to Pay for the Nord Stream 2 Project,” dedicated to the presentation of the study on the impact of the Gazprom project on Europe in Strasbourg.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki criticized the EU’s support for Nord Stream 2.