October sales volume of beer companies Increased consumption tax Rebound from last-minute demand November 13 16:08

The sales volume of beer and sparkling liquor from major beer manufacturers fell 13% from 6% last month due to the reaction to the increase in demand in September before the consumption tax hike. However, each company says that the rate of decrease is small compared to the tax increase five years ago.

Four major beer makers announced the monthly sales volume of beer, sparkling liquor, and “beer” including “third beer” last month. According to this, the sales volume of Kirin and Asahi both decreased by 13% compared to the same month last year, 8% for Sapporo and 6% for Suntory, respectively.

In each company, sales declined last month after the tax increase due to the reaction to the rapid increase in demand exceeding 10% in September, before the consumption tax rate was raised.

Last year, the tax rate dropped to 10% from 10% immediately after the tax rate was raised to 8%, and each company said that the decline due to the reaction was small compared to the previous time.

Some companies expect the effects of the tax increase to continue after this month, and each company wants to recover sales by introducing new products.