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  • 10-N. Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias reach a government agreement

The pre-agreement reached by the president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez , and that of United Podemos, Pablo Iglesias , has unleashed deep concern among the bulk of entrepreneurs and investors. Business organizations that tend to measure their criticism of the government on duty have gone out in alarm showing alarm and the stock market turned towards the red numbers as soon as the pact for the coalition government transcended.

"This pre-agreement is the opposite of what the economy of Spain needs at the moment," declares EL MUNDO the president of the Madrid employer's association CEIM and vice president of CEOE, Miguel Garrido , in a phrase widely shared by different business leaders consulted yesterday. The president of the Businessmen's Circle, John de Zulueta , declares himself "dismayed" with the performance of Pedro Sánchez. "It is that he has not even sat down to talk with the Popular Party. He said only a few months ago that with Pablo Iglesias in the Government he could not sleep 95% of the Spaniards and now he does not veto him and it seems good to him. It is very worrying. the incoherence of Pedro Sánchez, "says the president of this business association. Zulueta had declared on the eve of this same newspaper that Sanchez should try "German agreements with the PP", but has punctured bone.

For the aforementioned vice president of CEOE, "the pre-agreement is very worrisome, not only because of what it implies of a fiscal increase and public spending, but because of what the two parties have affirmed in the electoral campaign." "For example, they have talked about harmonization by removing powers from the Community of Madrid, when it has been shown that their fiscal policy is beneficial for the economy." "In the slowdown we need to improve the competitiveness of the economy and for that it is necessary that companies have more flexibility, compatible of course with the rights of workers, but no more rigidity. What we hear from the parties can worsen the slowdown" , says the CEOE CEO.

"I don't see anything in the ten points that Sánchez and Iglesias have agreed to explain how they are going to create jobs. What I see is going in the wrong direction," Zulueta emphasizes.

The pact surprised the president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi , and that of the Chamber of Spain, José Luis Bonet , on an official trip in Cuba, but they reacted quickly. Garamendi issued a statement in which he recalls that what Spain needs "in a context of slowdown, it is essential to talk about budgetary rigor and economic orthodoxy." "The businessmen reiterate in any case our commitment to the formation of a stable and moderate government and we insist on the need to move forward with the pending reforms."

Garamendi said on the eve of this newspaper that he hoped Sanchez would enter into negotiations with the Popular Party, as the best formula for governance in the current slowdown. However, one of the vice-presidents of CEOE, the head of Catalan employer Foment, Josep Sanchez Llibre , was unchecked on Tuesday and issued a statement favorable to the pact. Sanchez Llibre praised that Sánchez forged a quick pact with Podemos, without first trying Pablo Casado's game.

"The announcement of a pre-agreement between PSOE and United We can give a message of responsibility of the political forces to move towards the formation of a government in Spain," says the Catalan employer in a statement.

After seeing the alliance between Sánchez and Iglesias, «Foment del Treball is confident in the creation of a stable, moderate government with the capacity to approve the Budget Law». However, he clarifies that he does not value the pre-agreement fund until the CEOE board of the next day 20., where he remembers that he has high representation.

The president of the Chamber of Spain stood for his part in the main business line of concern. He pointed out that what Spain needs now is "a focused government that undertakes the necessary reforms to strengthen the economy, promote a favorable environment for business activity and job creation." In addition, this Catalan businessman stressed that he needs "a government that respects the red lines of the system."

The employer DigitalES showed fear of "a general tax increase." "At a time when a considerable investment effort is necessary for companies in the sector, we need a fiscal policy that does not penalize the technological deployment necessary for the development of a modern economy," DigitalES CEO Alicia Richart said in a statement.

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