Tokyo Forex Market Yen market price drops slightly on November 8, 18:56

The Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 8th and the yen exchange rate fell slightly against the dollar. From the perspective that the US-China trade negotiations are likely to progress, there has been a move to sell yen, which is considered a relatively safe asset.

The yen's exchange rate at 5 pm was 33 yen compared to 7th, and the weaker yen was 1 dollar = 109.28 yen to 29 yen.

Compared to the 7th, the euro was 7 yen, and the weaker yen was 1 euro = 120.73 yen to 77 yen.

The euro was 1 dollar = 1.1048 to 49 dollars against the dollar.

Market officials said, “The Chinese government has agreed on a gradual tariff reduction on the US-China trade negotiations on the 7th. There has been a movement to sell safe yen, while there are reports that the US has not agreed, and there is a growing cautious view. "