The Ministries of Economy of the UAE and Ethiopia stressed the importance of Ethiopia's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai and the opportunities offered by the exhibition.

During his meeting with the Ethiopian Minister of Trade and Industry, Fetlurk Geber Igziaber, the Minister of Economy, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, stressed the strength of economic and trade relations between the UAE and Ethiopia.

Al-Mansouri explained that Ethiopia is an important trade and investment partner for the UAE in the East African region, and has a huge market with a population of 100 million people, and offers wide opportunities for mutual economic cooperation, with its promising potentials and diverse resources, and unexplored potential in many sectors, Stressing the importance of Addis Ababa as a vital gateway to the trade and investment of countries in African markets.

The two ministers discussed ways of developing trade cooperation in the fields of agriculture and food products, meat and poultry trade, and building a partnership in the logistics field to enhance trade exchange between the two countries. The two sides also stressed the importance of Ethiopia's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai and the opportunities offered by the exhibition to find partners. Commercial and investment from different countries.

The Minister of Economy affirmed that the trade of the two countries is witnessing good growth, pointing to the importance of developing direct lines of export and re-export between the two sides, and dispensing with intermediate trade stations, which contributes to reduce the cost of trade and enhance its profits, thus increasing its developmental return on the economies of both countries and raising them to levels. Top.

He pointed out that the UAE has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and logistics, which can provide direct and active trade between the two countries, noting the initiative «Global Logistics Passport», launched recently by Dubai to facilitate the movement of goods, trade procedures and logistics activities, clearing, storage and shipping, and others , With partners holding passports, using modern technology applications and systems.

He also stressed the importance of electronic and smart services in promoting economic activity, and the possibility of employers to benefit from these services in promoting bilateral trade and investments between the two countries.

Nadia Al Kamali, Chief Executive Officer of World Customs in Dubai, explained the Global Logistics Passport initiative, which allows traders and companies to gain advantages to reduce costs and improve business efficiency. Non-oil foreign trade between the UAE and Ethiopia in 2018 grew by 7% compared to 2017, reaching more than AED 3.1 billion.

Historical Links

The Ethiopian Minister of Trade and Industry, Vetilork Geber Igziabir, praised the historical ties and the growing economic and trade relations between the UAE and Ethiopia, stressing the country's keenness to develop new channels of cooperation that serve the economic agenda of the two countries, pointing out the importance of trade and investment activities as an engine for the strong partnership between the two countries. She stressed the importance of joint work to remove any obstacles in the development of trade between the two countries, and encourage the private sector on both sides to increase the volume of trade exchange, and attract more investments that serve the vital sectors in the two countries.