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Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Kazem Gharib Abadi, is awaiting the start of the Governing Council meeting at the IAEA headquarters in Austria on 7 November 2019. REUTERS / Lisi Niesner

The 35 members of the IAEA Board of Governors met on Thursday, November 7, in Vienna, Austria, home of the International Atomic Energy Agency. On the menu of this special meeting: Iran, while Tehran announced that it has withdrawn accreditation from an IAEA inspector. Which gave rise to some concerns.

With our correspondent in Vienna, Isaure Hiace

At the IAEA Board of Governors, the European Union said it was " very concerned " by the incident in Iran with an inspector from the UN Agency, to whom Tehran withdrew its accreditation.

The European Union has called on Iran to ensure that IAEA inspectors can perform their duties, but appear to view the incident as closed. The US mission to the UN agency speaks of a " scandalous provocation ".

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According to the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, the IAEA inspector has sounded an alarm during a check last week at the entrance to the enrichment plant in Natanz, raising concerns that may bear on it " a suspect product ". His accreditation has been withdrawn.

The Iranian ambassador to the IAEA said on Thursday that Tehran expected the agency to cooperate " appropriately and as much as necessary " to shed light on this incident.

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