BOJ Governor "Positive interest rate is downward biased" November 5, 13:32

The Bank of Japan President Kuroda gave a lecture in Nagoya City on the 5th, stating that there is “downward bias” in the direction of future policy interest rates. The possibility of further lowering is shown again.

At the monetary policy decision meeting held last week, the BOJ decided to maintain the current monetary easing measures, while clarifying the possibility of further reducing the current negative interest rate if necessary.

The BOJ Governor Kuroda attended a meeting with the local business community in Nagoya on the 5th, and gave a talk on the decisions made at the last week's meeting and future monetary policy policies.

Kuroda pointed out that although there is a possibility that trade negotiations between the United States and China will progress, the future development is still unclear, and if the situation worsens, Japanese companies may be cautious about capital investment, etc. .

In light of these downside risks, Governor Kuroda said at the last week's meeting that the future policy interest rate was “clarified that there was a downward bias”, I showed again the possibility of further reducing the current negative interest rate.

On the other hand, President Kuroda said, “The additional monetary easing measures are not limited to lowering negative interest rates,” and other measures such as increasing the purchase of government bonds were considered depending on the economic situation. .