1 month of consumption tax increase The store that has not yet begun to redeem points at 3:59 on November 1

It has been a month since the pointless system for cashless payments has begun, but some of the stores that have applied for have not yet begun to return due to a lack of registration work, and there have been complaints. The

The curry store in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, decided to introduce cashless payment for the first time as a result of this point return system, and in July applied for participation in the system through a payment operator.

We decided to introduce two types of terminals, a credit card and electronic money payment terminal, and a QR code payment terminal for smartphones, but the QR code payment terminal has not yet arrived.

This seems to be because the manufacturer's device was not made in time.

In addition, the registration procedure for electronic money has not been completed, and this seems to be due to the work being done by payment operators.

At the store, “Near Coming Soon” is posted on a sticker indicating that you are participating in the point return system, and for the past month, electronic money and QR code are declined and you are asked to pay in cash. about it.

Mr. Masaru Kinoshita, the owner of the store, said, “I want to say“ What are you doing? ”After three months after applying,“ I am sorry for the customer. ”