Economic Rehabilitation Meeting with Keidanren Chairman Request for Internal Reservation Investment and Wage Increase October 23, 13:37

The Minister of Economic Revitalization Nishimura met with Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi, asked for cooperation so that the company's retained earnings could be invested in growth areas, and demanded continued wage increases to overcome deflation. Mr. Nakanishi expressed his idea that the conventional way of raising wages, aiming for uniform increases, should be reviewed.

Among them, Nishimura Economic Rehabilitation Minister said, “Internal reserves of corporations have accumulated 240 trillion yen in cash and deposits, and we want them to be used for the future. The government is also working on various tax systems and regulatory reforms. "I want to go on," he called for cooperation so that the company's retained earnings can be used to invest in growth areas.

In addition, Minister Nishimura said, “Continuation of wage increases is necessary to get out of deflation. We want SMEs to make efforts to realize a virtuous economic cycle so that SMEs can broadly raise wages,” and continued wage increases. Requested.

After the meeting, Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi told reporters, “The business community is not discussing conventional wage increases or base-ups, but a discussion that will lead to a review of Japanese-style employment so that it can contribute to higher value-added businesses. ”And expressed the idea that the conventional way of raising wages, which aims to raise uniformly, should be reviewed.

Secretary of the Secretariat “Investment of Internal Reservation”

Secretary of the Secretary Jun said at a press conference in the morning that the government decided that turning internal reserves into investments from a long-term perspective, such as research and development in new fields, will affect Japan's future fate. I would like to move forward with improving the environment, such as support measures and rules, in order to make it easier for existing companies that are motivated to acquire start-up companies or to facilitate joint research. "

In addition, Secretary of the Secretariat presented specific ideas for formulating a growth strategy at the government's Future Investment Conference, presented an interim report at the end of the year, and a plan to compile a new action plan next summer.