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[Friendly Economy] Psychology changes according to the weather… Sunny today?


Kwon Ae-ri's friendly economy starts. Kwon, today you have been working hard on how the weather affects various economic activities such as investment and consumption. Yes. Today I went to work and the air was clean.


Kwon Ae-ri's friendly economy starts. Kwon, today (23) has been working hard on how the weather affects various economic activities such as investment and consumption.


Yes. Today I went to work and the air was clean. Even though it is raining, it is said that Seoul will be sunny all day because of the weather.

What about stock prices on these days? I started worrying about fine dust this week, but how do people spend their money when it comes to cloudy, hot days?

Throughout the finance, Hana Financial Management Institute analyzed various data to see if consumers' behavior was affected by the weather and weather forecast at that time.

And it really showed a fairly consistent trend depending on the weather. First of all, the weather and stock prices, which were first observed in New York Stock Market, have been significantly higher than the cloudy days all day long, so it is worth noting Was.

And another study that analyzed New York stocks showed that longer days with a longer cloudy time tend to rise than stocks with a shorter cloudy time.

It's a nice and sunny day when people buy more stocks. It's a refreshing day, "Why do you think the goddess is on my side?"

Indeed, at least today is a good time to invest in Seoul. So this time, I looked at the impact of weather reports on stock prices in Korea's KOSPI.


Stock prices rose a lot on a short cloudy day, stock prices rose on a clear day. I think this was the story, and you told me about the special news, but the special news is that I do it a lot in bad weather like a typhoon.


Yes. First, comparing the 66 days of last year's weather report with the rest of the normal weather, the KOSPI fluctuation rate on the day when the news went into effect fell significantly below the average of -0.26% and the average of the rest of the day -0.03%. I saw it.

These days, the weather also affects investor sentiment even when making e-commerce transactions with a smartphone or PC. The trading volume itself decreased on the day when the special news went into effect.

It's bad for me, but it's also a cumbersome investment. If you still connect, sell something you didn't like for some time, and you'll feel like this.

But what kind of day was such a bad day to stimulate psychology, heavy rain and cold wave? Rainy days or freezing cold days.

However, the heavy snow news, typhoon, and heat wave news that you mentioned did not show a consistent correlation with the stock price drop.

The fun days are snowy days, and the weather is a bit different from the cold days. The difference seemed to have a slightly different effect on investor sentiment.


Of course, as much as it affects investment, it's more likely to affect consumption, the weather?


Yes. In terms of credit cards, people spend more money on sunny days across all industries.

The survey was split between weekdays and holidays, with both trends consistently occurring.

From now on, when focusing on off-day shopping, online shopping has certainly tended to increase on snow and rainy days.

You can guess why this is the case. On days off, online shopping had the least sales when the weather was nice. Maybe you want to go out rather than looking at the shopping app at home.

On the other hand, when you go out of the house, the rain is a bit different depending on where you go. When it snows or rains, the supermarkets, convenience stores, and supermarkets do not go well.

Especially I don't go to the mart. Department stores and duty free shops, on the other hand, tended to be a little better than snowy and rainy days.

Going to the market is raining. It feels like this, but if you want to feel like a holiday, you have to go somewhere and enjoy your leisure. So department stores are rather crowded.

Similarly, when it rained, the number of people who scratched cards in outdoor sports decreased significantly, but the indoor golf practice range was prosperous.

Fine dust is another issue. This is not the analysis of the Hana Financial Management Institute, but the industry researcher's analysis, but once the fine dust generally shrinks consumer sentiment. Except related products like masks and air purifiers.

In particular, seasonal and regional variables were removed and analyzed, with every 10 micrograms per cubic meter increase in airborne airflow, sales of major retailers across the country decreased by 2 percentage points.


In summary, I hope that our country's weather is clear and clear.

Source: sbskr

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