Expo 2020 Dubai has confirmed that there will be several positive returns to the legacy of the exhibition on the economic and social levels.The venue will be economically transformed into an integrated city with sophisticated patterns attractive to international companies, while social heritage will include enhancing the reputation of the UAE regionally and globally.

She explained during a press briefing in Dubai yesterday, that 140 million man-hours have been accomplished by 35 thousand workers since the construction of the exhibition site to date, while the infrastructure of the site has been completed by 100%.

Positive returns

In particular, Maha Abdul Latif Al Gergawi, Vice President of International Participations at Expo 2020 Dubai, said that there are several positive returns to the legacy of Expo 2020 on the economic and social levels. The buildings completed by the exhibition management will remain, while leaving the choice to the buildings of the countries that have officially set up their wings ».

“At the economic level, the transformation of the exhibition site into a fully integrated city with futuristic patterns and modern technology will attract many international companies, some of which have shown interest,” Al Gergawi said during the Expo 2020 Dubai World Press Conference. Being on the site after the end of the exhibition, especially as it approaches the Al Maktoum International Airport and the Jebel Ali Port area. ”

She pointed out that «of the most prominent companies heading to the site, the company (Siemens) International, which confirmed the transfer of its logistics center from the city of Munich, Germany to the exhibition site after the end of events».

She added that «received 400 media from different countries during the briefing to see what has been achieved so far from the process of preparation for (Expo 2020 Dubai)».

UAE Reputation

Al-Gergawi pointed out that “Emirati youth have been at the heart of the event since its inception, as they are currently occupying various positions in the departments of the exhibition, and communicate with local and international partners.” She stressed that «Expo 2020 Dubai» works to strengthen the reputation of the UAE around the world by hosting the world at home, as it will be through the exhibition millions of visitors to learn about the achievements of the State in all sectors ».

She explained that «the social heritage that will return to the country after the exhibition, is to strengthen the reputation of the country also at the regional and global levels, in addition to highlighting the civilization of the region, especially since the exhibition since its inception for the first time in 170 years, held in Dubai for the first time in Africa South Asia and the Middle East. ”

Al Gergawi said that «the exhibition is an international platform to showcase best practices, experiences and innovative initiatives in various sectors, which made a large number of countries rush to confirm participation in the exhibition, especially with the expected number of visitors about 25 million visitors».

Exhibition logo

On the theme of the exhibition, “Connecting Minds and Making the Future”, Al-Gergawi said, “Despite the technological development of communication, we have not been able to communicate directly with each other, as communication and cooperation are essential pillars to develop ideas and to create a better future for us and future generations.

She added: «We aim through wide participation to achieve (communication of minds and making the future), and to cooperate to uncover innovations that serve human civilization».

best practices

Aisha Al Marzouqi, Assistant Director of Sustainability at Expo 2020 Dubai, said that “140 million man hours have been accomplished by 35,000 workers during the recent period of the exhibition site and since construction began.”

She stressed that «under the activity of work on the site, the management of the exhibition is concerned with the priority of safety and good environment for workers, in accordance with international best practices and according to local laws that ensure that, while developing plans for continuous development of the work environment», noting that no company is not accepted Supporting Standards.

192 countries

Maha Abdullatif Al Gergawi, Vice President for International Participation at Expo 2020 Dubai, said that 192 countries have confirmed their participation so far in the Expo 2020 Dubai, a record in the history of the exhibition for the first time, noting that countries from the Caribbean and the Pacific for the first time At the show via separate pavilions.

She said that the wings of countries were distributed according to the policies of each country in presenting the philosophy of its pavilion according to the three main areas of the exhibition: opportunities, sustainability and mobility.

Completing the infrastructure by 100% .. The «metro» in the testing stages

Ahmed Al Khatib, CEO of Development and Delivery at Expo 2020 Dubai, said that the major construction and site work has been completed, including the large area of ​​the three sub-concept areas of 'Sustainability, Opportunities and Mobility'.

He added that the infrastructure works have been completed by 100%, in addition to the completion of the work of the power stations that will supply the entire site, and has reached the advanced stages of road works surrounding «Expo».

He revealed that «Metro» entered the stages of testing, with the completion of the full station «Metro» next July, in what is currently working on cosmetic and agricultural work throughout the site.

He added that «the latest installations that have been completed recently, is the dome (Square Wasl)», explaining that «(Wasl) is the old and historical name of Dubai, which indicates communication».

He pointed out that the «dome of the arena was completed over 14 months, which is equivalent to about 11 tennis courts», noting that the exhibition will include the cultivation of 15 thousand areas.

“The Expo 2020 Dubai budget is 25 billion dirhams and is reflected in the development of Dubai South,” Khatib said.